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  • 116653375549d9a0a78d367Chagarovskiy Vadym Petrovych (General Director of "Tulchinka-Moloko” LLC)
    "Lawyers of Legal Consulting Center have once again confirmed the high level of professional qualification by achieving a positive result in the resolution of a difficult litigation. We are satisfied with the results of cooperation with this law firm on issues of representation of the interests of Bila Tserkva Dairy Plant in courts".
  • 190157374049d9a697b1064Elżbieta Kossak (Director of "Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA" Representative Office in Kyiv)
    "Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA" representative office in Ukraine has been working with " Legal Consulting Center” law firm from the time of its opening in Kyiv. The law firm is a reliable partner, quickly and accurately solving complex legal issues. We do recommend "Legal Consulting Center" law center as a professional consultant in legal support to business projects"



In November 2016, lawyers of the Law Firm «Legal Consulting Center» received a request for legal support for a group of investors in the construction of a multistory complex in the city of Kiev. In the course of studying the aspects of the case it was established that the CFF of the Bank transferred the…

Law Firm «Legal Consulting Center» successfully represented the interests of a client, an individual, in the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine regarding the appeal against the decision on inventory of property in a tax pledge and a tax claim taken by the General Directorateof SFS in Kyiv. As a result of the consideration of the…

  Law Firm «Legal Consulting Center» successfully represented the interests of a client, an individual in the civil case for the recovery of the child support. The complexity of this process was that the opponent in the case had no  permanent earnings and was registered as an individual  entrepreneur with a non-permanent income. Based on…

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