One of the main areas of activity of the Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” is contractual practice.

It includes, in particular:

  • Consulting assistance in the selection of the optimal legal design in the legal formulation of contractual legal relationships between the parties;
  • Preparation of lease, supply, contract, construction and capital contracts, commissions, assignments, project management and property management, etc;
  • Analysis of draft agreements offered by contractors and their editing and / or providing advice regarding their terms;
  • Support the conclusion of contracts, in particular: verification of the powers of representatives of the parties to conclude transactions; providing consulting support in agreeing the terms of the transaction during the meeting of the parties, etc.

It is worth noting that the proper conclusion of contractual legal relations between the parties is a guarantee of productive and long-term business relations, as in this case the risk of misunderstandings between the parties is significantly reduced, as well as a risk of abuse by the parties, so we strongly recommend paying close attention to contractual relations.