The Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” has considerable experience in providing legal services on intellectual property issues, including signs for goods and services (trademarks).


  • Settlement of disputes in court and out of court (mediation) procedure on the following issues:
  • Protection of rights to the results of intellectual activity (objects of copyright and related rights, including computer programs and databases, phonograms, videograms, trade secrets (know-how), inventions, utility models, industrial designs, etc.) and means of individualization (trademarks , company (commercial) names);
  • Representation of interests in judicial bodies in disputes related to objects of intellectual property law, including disputes related to the creation of such objects, their use, as well as for domain disputes;
  • Protection of rights by recognizing trademark registration, patents as invalid in court;
  • Representation of interests in disputes over unfair competition and abuse of law.
  • Registration of the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization:
  • Assistance in registering the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization, support of registration, record keeping, obtaining patents and certificates;
  • Registration actions (registration of copyright, alienation of the exclusive right to use the trademark);
  • Assistance with international registration of trademarks, etc.


  • Legal verification of intellectual property objects and the availability of rights to them;
  • Advising on the alienation of rights to intellectual property, the issuance of exclusive and non-exclusive licenses;
  • Advising on taxation of income received from intellectual property;
  • Preparation of copyright and other contracts related to operations with objects of intellectual property rights, including commercial franchise agreements, contracts related to the use of commercial secrets, non-disclosure agreements;
  • Preparation of internal regulations, instructions, labor and civil law contracts regulating relations with regard to the creation and use of intellectual property between the employer and employees, including non-disclosure agreements;

Advising on the import, export and distribution of products created using intellectual property, the use of intellectual property in advertising and marking of goods.