liquidation and bankruptcy
Complex service, which saves your time and from unnecessary worries

Owners, who liquidate not-operating economic entiti (without debt and assets).

Owners who terminate business in Ukraine (liquidation of operating entities "turnkey").

Owners of business entities having signs of insolvency (for maintenance of bankruptcy procedure).

  • 1) Legal unit
    • preparation of all documents necessary for conducting liquidation procedure;
    • support for all activities related to liquidation procedure (in particular: participation in court hearings, conducting meetings of members / shareholders, communication with tax authorities, notifications of creditors, etc.)
    • provision of services of insolvency officer (arbitration manager), sanation manager and liquidator for bankruptcy proceedings.
  • 2) Audit and accounting unit
    • audit of entity under liquidation;
    • inventory of property;
    • current accounting support of liquidation procedure.
  • 3) Financial and economic unit
    • settlement of issues with creditors and debtors;
    • realization of residues (stock) of goods in warehouses and other property;
    • dismissal of staff.

We do not delude our clients by promising liquidation of their business and miraculous escape from all problems (unrecovered debts, unpaid taxes, and similar concerns) in three days through re-registration of directors and members (owners) of the legal entity on the nominees.

And absolutely do not recommend anyone to believe in the illusion that such re-registration for a minor fee to nominees from Ukraine or a little more expensive to foreigners will relieve you from the legal consequences of mistakes or wrong decisions made in the past while doing business.

This method of "liquidation" will not solve the problem of tax evasion or criminal responsibility, but only delay and further aggravate them!!!

years of experience

Our company is engaged in this practice for more than 9 years and has extensive experience, both in support of judicial bankruptcy proceedings of insolvent entities, as well as in issues of extrajudicial procedures for termination of business in Ukraine. .
assessment of situation, identifying the essential aspects of business entity
of action plan
approval of action
plan with customers
of action plan
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  • Law Firm "CPK" is an external legal consultant for closing of our enterprise in Ukraine. We are satisfied with the quality and due expedition of services provided by the Law Firm "CPK". It is very simple to cooperate with this company. After receving the task from us, they quickly prepared a detailed and clear plan of necessary measures, agreed it with us and immediately started to implement it. What is convenient, they can ensure all tasks associated with the liquidation procedure as a single set, so it is not even necessary to apply to other companies, for accounting support for example.
    Mr. Meng Hepping, representative in Ukraine
    Drilling Company CNPC-AMG
  • Law Firm "CPK" assisted a process of closing of our subsidiary in Ukraine. The advantage of cooperation with this law firm is that they provide services related to the closure (termination) of business as full package, taking responsibility to resolve any issues that arise in the process of liquidation, without exception. Our Company in Ukraine has owned manufacture, warehouses, assets, unsecured contracts with contractors, overdue receivables, staff and other employees, etc. After taking the decision to change the format of work in Ukraine and, accordingly, termination of activity using the subsidiary, we needed to settle all issues related to the termination of its activities. Having signed a contract with the law firm "CPK", we got satisfied with the result, because this company has removed from us all concerns in Ukraine and supported all the necessary processes by its own. Therefore, our task was only to accept the documents confirming the completion of the liquidation procedure, and report on progress of this company for a little less than two years of work. It’s always a pleasure to cooperate with professionals.
    Managing Direction
  • We are cooperating with law firm "CPK" on different projects, which implement a group of our companies in Ukraine for many years. LF "Legal Consulting Center" specializes in different legal segments. Thus it has been supporting the projects related to acquisition of assets in Ukraine (provided services for legal and tax due diligence, transaction structuring and acquisition of enterprise), its lawyers acted as tax advisors and successfully represented interests of our enterprise in courts. Furthermore, we also were pleased with LF "CPK" service in closing of business activity in Ukraine. In particular, their experts helped to liquidate a media subdivision, a company "FORWARD MEDIA GROUP Ukraine" (ФОРВАРД МЕДИА ГРУПП Украина). Since for a long time our subdivision has been working actively, many complex issues required to be resolved in the course of its liquidation. Approach in the provision of services of the Law Firm "CPK" is always complex. Therefore, the solution to all issues related to the liquidation, LF "CPK" has taken upon itself, and this greatly lightened a burden for us.
    Oleg Stadnik
    First Deputy Head of Representative Office