Legal consulting
on raising funds in housing construction
and non-residential real estate
At the stage of development of the legal scheme of raising funds into housing construction and non-residential real estate and legal structure determination of such housing sale, non-residential real estate investors before putting the construction object into operation.
Financial and banking institutions with the right to organize Construction Financing Funds.
Investors who plan to acquire objects of residential or non-residential premises at the stage before putting the construction object into operation.
Do you experience
such difficulties?
Restrictions by the legislation of Ukraine, which significantly narrows the possibility of legitimate developers to raise funds for the construction of residential units from individuals and legal entities investors.
The lack of required permition for construction.
Uncertain scheme of raising funds despite a ban and for the tax burden optimization, which may affect both - developers and investors.
We know
how to do everything correctly, without breaking the law and we can be useful for developers in helping to raise funds; and for investors in order to prevent them from fraud or engaging in questionable activities in the future.
What problems we solve
  • 1
    Raising funds through certain legal mechanisms: Construction Financing Funds, collective investment institutions, target bonds.
  • 2
    Using alternative mechanisms: mortgages, pre-contract, real estate contracts for purchase and sale, and other forward contracts.
  • 3
    Analyzing all elements of the mechanism for the developer - to raise funds with correct adjustment of tax consequences.
  • 4
    Helping a private investor in simple terms: the explanation of risks associated with property acquisition over the developer’s suggested scheme (whether it is possible to correct the legal defects and how to do it correctly).
Stages of cooperation with us
Figuring out the wishes of the developer, studying main legal aspects, on which the Fund Housing Scheme was built.
Scheme development, development of necessary contracts, the suggested analysis of the contracts and their adjustment.
Participation in the introduction of the scheme, in negotiations between the investor and the developer to adopt the recommendations of the last to make corrections in the documents to eliminate potential legal defects; and participation in signing documents after their adjustments.
Our goal
Our goal
Our goal is to reasonably assure our clients that their activities are performed in accordance with the law and in case of conflicts, disputes their legal position fully meets the current legislation, and they will be able to defend their interests in court.
Why choose us
deep knowledge
In order to be able to effectively solve customer problems in this market segment, deep legal knowledge of the various branches of law is required, in particular the civil (economic) law, construction, tax law, as well as legislation that regulates the financial services market and the securities market, as well as an experience.
12 years experience
More than 12 years our company has been engaged in this area and has an extensive experience, both in matters of developers support and financial companies that have the right to organize Construction Financing Funds, as well as private investors.

Things investor should know when buying an apartment in new building

  • A couple of years ago I wanted to buy several apartments in an apartment building under construction. The developer offered me a diagram with bonds. I have addressed to the law firm "CPK" for consulting. They have prepared a legal opinion about this issue and recommended to cancel the purchase. Explaining that prospectus for bond issue of developer does not contain important information for me as an investor, and therefore it was very risky. I thought of it, and cancelled the purchase. And knowing what is going on with this construction project, I'm glad I did not get involved in it.
    Binod Kumar
    owner LLC "REZLOV"
  • In July 2016 I had a question about the choice of the developer and further investment in residential real estate. Recently there is a large number of amateur companies on market and anyone who wants to invest money in construction, faced with the problem in choosing the developer without losing money and to protect their interests as an investor. Referring to the law firm "Legal Consulting Center" I got qualified legal consultation on signing the Construction Financing Fund contract, what are the "pitfalls", the pros and cons of the investment scheme. I was satisfied with the services quality and the attitude to the client. It remains to wait and hope for a speedy completion of construction and commissioning of the house.
    Eugene Ilnitsky, a private investor
  • I worked with the law firm "Legal Consulting Center" in June 2016. I was very satisfied with the firm services. I would like to thank the team for their professionalism, attention to the customer and the solving my issue and in time. "Legal Consulting Center" established themselves as true professionals and I will be happy to cooperate with them in the future.
    Marina Gavrilova