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Gov partership

Public-private partnership (PPP), as an effective way of interaction between the state and business, is actively developing around the world. Public-private partnerships can take various forms, however, the most common among them is concession. When implementing such projects, PPPs, the state or local authorities, transfer assets to a private partner for a certain period of…

photo_due diligence

Most often, when buying a business in Ukraine, transactions are concluded either with reference to English law (according to the laws of England, Cyprus and other countries that use the Anglo-Saxon system of law), or – to national Ukrainian legislation. This article will discuss the acquisition of a business by local rules. It should be…

покупка недвижимости нерезидентом

According to many local and western analysts, the cost of both commercial and residential real estate in Ukraine is close to its minimum. At the same time, taking into account forecasts about the growth prospects of the country’s economic indicators for the coming years, investments in the Ukrainian economy, including investments in real estate, can…


If the investor makes a decision on the construction of a new industrial enterprise, one of the priorities to be resolved is to find and register the rights to the land plot on which production will be located.   The correct choice of land in general affects the payback of the project and the profitability…

cybersecurity business

Each year, Cisco company presents an information security report that details the techniques and strategies used by attackers to conduct various hacker attacks. Unfortunately, you can notice the trend that technology is improving day by day, creating an increasing number of threats and malicious software, while the degree of business protection is seriously lagging behind….

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