“Legal Consulting Center” Law Firm provides legal support and advice in the organization and implementation of START-UP projects. 

What meaning do we put in the concept of START — UP project?

As of today, there is no single definition of the concept “START-UP project” as such. But usually we mean the following:

  • projects related to the development of START-UP projects using blockchain technology at ICO by issuing their own cryptocurrencies in exchange for investors’ fiat money;
  • START-UP projects brought to crowdfunding platforms (for example, such as Kickstarter) in order to attract investors or sponsors (business angels) to finance the implementation of such projects on an industrial scale or the real services sector.

Based on our many years of experience in this segment of services, START-UP projects include business projects in the manufacturing and services sectors (Internet, IT and others), based on the implementation of know-how or new technologies, including software products developed by startups and not previously used in these areas.

Who are our clients?

As a rule, we are addressed in following situations:

  • private individuals – carriers of start-up ideas (novice businessmen, private entrepreneurs, programmers, inventors, other people who want to start their own business, including those planning to enter the ICO or place their projects on crowdfunding sites);
  • private or corporate investors who wish to invest in promising, in their opinion, START-UP projects in order to check (audit) the correctness of the legal “packaging” of the START-UP project and to formalize the relationship with the “startups”.

How can we be helpful

and what services we deliver?

In this practice, there are blocks of legal tasks that must be resolved by all clients regardless of the specifics of the project being created by START-UP, and Legal Consulting Center can quickly and competently assist in their resolution, in particular:

  1. Organization of START-UP project corporate structure.

In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on such issues: 

  • what corporate form of business organization for a START-UP project is better to choose (non-resident, non-resident representation, business partnership, entrepreneurship of an individual or a combination of these forms);
  • how to register a business (support of all registration procedures and registration in all mandatory bodies); 
  • how to formalize the relationship between business owners (for example, sign a memorandum of intent and cooperation, enter into a corporate agreement or an agreement on joint activities).

more about the service “Registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurship and representative offices of non-residents”

  1. Funding sources for START-UP project, tax and financial planning activities.

In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

  • how to create a financial business model for a START-UP project (development of business plans); 
  • how to raise funds for the implementation of the START-UP project and arrange relations with investors (formation of authorized capital, issuance of bonds or other financial instruments, raising loans from partners or private investors, access to ICO or obtaining financing through borrowing at crowdfunding sites);
  • what taxation system to choose for doing business (payer of income tax on a general basis, simplified taxation system, VAT, personal income tax, military tax and ERUs);
  • how to structure planned business operations to properly optimize the tax burden when implementing a START-UP project (tax planning).

⇒Learn more about the Tax Planning service.

  1. Registration of relationships with developers of intellectual property objects used in the START-UP project, and trademark registration.

In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

  1. Legal support of the organization of production in the implementation of the START – UP project.

In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

  • which land plots can be used for the construction of own production and how to properly issue the rights to such land plots for the purpose of development (privatization, purchase, rent);
  • what permits must be obtained before construction begins and how to properly arrange relationships with designers, general contractor, contractors, equipment suppliers (conclusion of contracts for the preparation of a project, general contract, contract, author and technical supervision, delivery);
  • what is necessary for the start of production activities (acceptance into operation of the constructed construction object and production certification, technical conditions and product certification);
  • with which organizations it is necessary to conclude contracts (conclusion of contracts for the provision of water, electricity, for the export of industrial waste (garbage) and other necessary contracts related to the organization of production);
  • Find out whether the activity is licensed (obtaining the necessary licenses for carrying out certain types of economic activity).
  1. Legal support of economic activities during the implementation of the START –UP project.

In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

  1. Current comprehensive support for the implementation of the START – UP project.

In this regard, we provide our clients with following services:

Why us?

For many years, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm  has been providing services to startups. In this regard, our lawyers have gained considerable practical experience in this area. Our client receives a competent and responsible external consultant who knows the specifics of the client’s tasks and who can solve them quickly and efficiently.