Vulnerability of private business at first hand is related to instability of financial land economic situation in our country, gaps in current legislation and high level of corruption in law enforcement agencies and fiscal authorities.

No entrepreneur, manager or owner of business can be sure about that he will not face the unproven inspections of tax authorities or certain pressure of law enforcement agencies, the result of which can be unlawful tax, administrative or penal prosecution.

Only in case of timely applying to professional having rich practical experience, perfectly possessing the specific features of activity in criminal sphere and familiarized with peculiarities of legal protection, you can reach the best result in case of unlawful prosecution by law enforcement and fiscal authorities, including such cases when such prosecution is the result of unfair competition.

In particular our attorneys and lawyers have significant practical experience with law enforcement agencies (militia, Prosecutor’s Office, Security Service of Ukraine), tax authorities and other bodies having fiscal powers (Control and Audit Office of Ukraine, Clearing House etc.). Our professionals have extensive practical experience in representation in courts on administrative and criminal procedures and also in cases having economic, entrepreneurial and tax specifications.

Accordingly the task of our attorneys, professionals and experts is provision of timely and effective legal support to entrepreneurs, managers and owners of business in case of their being unlawfully persecuted by law enforcement agencies and fiscal authorities.

Protection of interests in judicial authorities is the most important and often the last possibility of protection yourself and your business. Our employees having rich experience of legal work and judicial practice will help you to find solutions in situations that seem hopeless, in all kinds of disputes no matter how complicated they must be, and in courts of any jurisdiction and level. In this case you pay not for the process, but for result!

  • Preparation of claims, pleas and other procedural documents (applications, complaints, petitions, etc.), implementation of the required legal proceedings;
  • Representation of interests in economic, administrative, arbitration and general courts (depending on the nature of dispute), provision of legal support to clients in court sessions and hearings;
  • Representation of interest in appeals of the decisions and actions of State authorities, state enterprises and entities;
  • Support of corporate disputes;
  • Support of labor disputes.