Who are our clients?

The existing agricultural enterprises in all sectors of the agro-industrial complex investors (private and corporate, residents and non-residents) who are planning to start or buy a business in agriculture are turning to the services of our company in this area.

What services we deliver?

As a rule, we conditionally divide all services provided by “Legal Consulting Center” to clients in the agricultural sector into the following blocks:

  1. Organization or acquisition (concentration) of a business in the agrosphere.

    In this regard, we provide our customers with the following services:

    • advise in choosing the optimal legal form and taxation system;
    • accompany registration procedures in relation to enterprises (we prepare draft constituent documents, accompany all registration procedures, put on record in all obligatory bodies, prepare documents for obtaining the status of agricultural producer)
    • draw up the relations between the founders of agricultural enterprises (preparation of  memorandums of intent, corporate agreements, etc.);
    • conduct a comprehensive assessment of business assets in the agricultural sector with a view to their acquisition (concentration), in particular:
    • carry out legal due diligence (corporate entities and their property);
    • conduct an accounting (tax) audit of assets (legal entities) on the organization and maintenance of accounting, the correctness of calculation and payment of taxes, the timeliness of the presentation of financial statements, etc .;
    • tax and legal structuring of asset acquisitions, as well as legal support of the procedure for the sale and purchase of corporate rights of agricultural enterprises.
  1. Current complex legal, accounting (tax) support of agricultural enterprises.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with the following services:

    • tax and legal structuring of economic activities (tax planning);
    • support of the contractual activities of agricultural enterprises, the drafting and analysis of contracts: supply, services, storage, processing, etc;
    • legal support of registration and registration of land rights (land lease agreements, servitude agreements, emphyteusis, superficies)
    • support of foreign economic activities of agricultural enterprises (advising on customs, tax legislation, legal support of foreign economic transactions, representing the interests of the client when considering foreign trade disputes, appealing decisions of customs authorities);
    • legal support in obtaining permits in the field of phytosanitary, veterinary control;
    • we advise on personnel issues and labor legislation;
    • accounting support of economic activities (advice on accounting support of activities and taxation).
  1. Judicial support, including representation of interests in tax disputes, as well as legal support during inspections of the controlling bodies.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with the following services:

    • the services of a lawyer in a legal process in defending the interests of an agricultural enterprise, in resolving disputes arising in the course of economic activity, including with landlords and shareholders;
    • legal support during inspections (consultations, actual participation, preparation of comments on inspection reports, representation of interests when considering comments in the supervisory authority)
    • legal support in appealing against decisions of the supervisory authority on the refusal to register tax invoices in the SFS Commission on the consideration of complaints;
    • legal support in appealing decisions of regulatory authorities, including tax notification decisions, following the administrative procedure;
    • the services of a lawyer when appealing decisions of regulatory authorities, including tax notifications, decisions on judicial procedure.
  1. Legal support of projects for the construction of agricultural facilities (elevators, granaries, livestock farms, vegetable stores) and the legalization of illegally constructed facilities.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with the following services:

    • development of contracts for the design, implementation of the author, technical supervision;
    • legal support of obtaining permits for construction, including the bodies of architectural and construction inspection, and putting the construction object into operation;
    • legal assistance in the design of objects of unauthorized construction.
  1. Support of the land bank.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with the following services:

    • protection against unfair competition, the development of strategies for the preservation and increase of the land bank;
    • organization of proper management of the land bank (maintenance of registers, development of regulations, work with shareholders, extension of existing contracts, resolution of disputes with shareholders).

Why us?

We have practical experience, good reputation and offer clients a comprehensive service across the full range of legal services in the agricultural sector. Accordingly, clients always have an understanding that the organization and maintenance of their business is carried out by one external consultant who is fully responsible for the entire set of legal and accounting tasks and has the necessary professional and human resources to solve them.