Our company has more than twelve years of experience working with commercial structures in matters of accompanying their economic activities (accounting and legal outsourcing of business).

Who are our clients?

Private entrepreneurs, enterprises and other commercial organizations, regardless of the profile of the activity.

How can we be useful and what services do we provide?

Our firm and efficiently do the job, which one full-time lawyer or accountant cannot cope with, in particular:

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

The client receives a competent and responsible external consultant from our firm, who has a staff of specialists of different specialization. Therefore, no matter what legal problem arises in the course of a client’s economic activity, he will always receive qualified assistance from a specialist who is better acquainted with the specifics of the problem and can be the most effective in resolving such a problem. In this case, the client does not incur additional costs in connection with the involvement of a specialized specialist.

Accepting an employee (lawyer) in the staff, as a rule, the client-employer risks that, after a certain time, at a stage when such a specialist is already well acquainted with the specifics of the activity and his functional duties, and can be effective for the employer, he can there is a demand to raise the level of wages or even worse, such a specialist can change jobs. Care of a trained specialist who knows his tasks well and knows how to perform them effectively is always a problem.

The client will receive an external consultant who is not exposed to this risk. Since, as a rule, a partner or a senior lawyer is appointed to the client – the advisor who knows all the features of the client’s economic activities and specifics of the issues that arise in his activity. The specificity of the complex customer service, in which the services are provided by different specialists proceeding from individual functional tasks, allows the client not to depend on one specialist who, suddenly, can make a decision on changing the employer.

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