Law Firm in Ukraine: legal services, advice and support of business

Ukrainian Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” (LCC) as a professional business consultant provides: – services for enterprises in the outsourcing – full accounting and legal support, including accounting issues; tax planning; business structuring and business operations; labor compliance and contractual work, including foreign economic activity; – acquisition and verification of assets (M&A), including accounting (tax) and legal “due diligence” of assets and enterprises, structuring and legal support of transactions for their acquisition; – support in tax matters, including tax planning, advising on tax legislation, support in tax disputes in administrative and judicial procedures; – representation in courts and in criminal cases, including the services of a lawyer in general, economic and administrative courts of first, appeal and cassation instances, as well as the services of a lawyer in criminal cases.

“Legal Consulting Center” professionally specializes in providing services to individuals and legal entities in the following areas: – IT, including legal support for e-commerce, start-ups and IT-projects, online stores and software developers, as well as registration of copyright and property rights to objects of intellectual property rights; – investment, construction, design and architecture, including the provision of legal advice in the construction, investing in real estate in the primary market, the preparation of contracts related to the development of concepts or development projects, carrying out work, the provision of architectural supervision services; – agriculture, including full legal support of agricultural enterprises, legal services in matters of verification and formation of a land bank, support of land disputes; – family law, including legal services for divorce and division of property, drawing up marriage contracts and inheritance issues; – scope of services, including full legal support for the creation and ongoing activities of medical and educational institutions (including kindergartens), children’s early development centers, vocational courses (schools), beauty salons, restaurants and cafes.



  • Elżbieta Kossak (Director of "Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA" Representative Office in Kyiv)
    "Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA" representative office in Ukraine has been working with "Legal Consulting Center” law firm from the time of its opening in Kyiv. The law firm is a reliable partner, quickly and accurately solving complex legal issues. We do recommend "Legal Consulting Center" law center as a professional consultant in legal support to business projects.
  • VESSEL FINANCE OVERSEAS LTD (Managing Direction )
    Our cooperation with the Law Firm "Legal Consulting Center" has been going on for more than five years. The firm provides legal support of our company in Ukraine engaged in the storage of grain and the provision of other related services to farmers, - of the company "FARVUD". First of all, it (LCC) is our adviser on specific corporate issues, also accompanies the current activities of the company and deals with all judicial matters. The lawyers of the firm are well prepared and always respond quickly and professionally to our requests.
  • Daryna Sizhuk (Senior Business Development Manager, Cambridge Assessment English)
    To whom it may concern, I am writing to recommend the services of Mr Olefirenko, Managing Partner for the law firm "Legal Consulting Center". In September 2017 Mr Olefirenko was addressed to with the request to carefully examine the documentation provided by 2 authorised exam centres in question serving on the territory on Ukraine. As a result a legal opinion was designed providing a detailed analysis of the centres’ performance. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in understanding the involvement of both organisations in the violation of Ukrainian jurisdiction and how this can affect the activites of Cambridge Assessment English in Ukraine. I feel confident in recommending the services of Legal Consulting Center and Mr Olefirenko as its Managing Partner. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.
  • Binod Kumar (LLC "REZLOV")
    A couple of years ago I wanted to buy several apartments in an apartment building under construction. The developer offered me a diagram with bonds. I have addressed to the law firm "CPK" for consulting. They have prepared a legal opinion about this issue and recommended to cancel the purchase. Explaining that prospectus for bond issue of developer does not contain important information for me as an investor, and therefore it was very risky. I thought of it, and cancelled the purchase. And knowing what is going on with this construction project, I'm glad I did not get involved in it.
  • Mr. Meng Hepping (Representative in Ukraine of Drilling Company CNPC-AMG)
    Law Firm "CPK" is an external legal consultant for closing of our enterprise in Ukraine. We are satisfied with the quality and due expedition of services provided by the Law Firm "CPK". It is very simple to cooperate with this company. After receving the task from us, they quickly prepared a detailed and clear plan of necessary measures, agreed it with us and immediately started to implement it. What is convenient, they can ensure all tasks associated with the liquidation procedure as a single set, so it is not even necessary to apply to other companies, for accounting support for example.
    Nowadays our company owns the trademark "Air travel information service 657" (Национальная авиасправка 657) and provides information support for the work of the six largest airports in Ukraine, and also provides twenty-four-hour information on the actual movement of flights at airports in Ukraine and worldwide with direct access to the European dispatching system EUROCONTROL and other useful information for passengers. With law firm "Legal Consulting Center" we started to cooperate at a time when we had an idea to create such business. Therefore, all legal issues from company and trade mark registration, investment, acquisition of assets, development of tax strategies for activity till the conclusion of contracts with airports takes LF "Legal Consulting Center". In view of the considerable period of our cooperation we can recommend the Law Firm "CPK" as a competent, reliable and responsible legal counsel, especially to those who are just on the verge of opening a business.
  • Chagarovskiy Vadym Petrovych (General Director of "Tulchinka-Moloko” LLC)
    Lawyers of Legal Consulting Center have once again confirmed the high level of professional qualification by achieving a positive result in the resolution of a difficult litigation. We are satisfied with the results of cooperation with this law firm on issues of representation of the interests of Bila Tserkva Dairy Plant in courts.




One of the ways for a foreign company to carry out activities, including entrepreneurial ones, is to open a subsidiary. Subsidiaries are intended to expand the business of companies that have many customers in certain countries, as well as to supply products without unnecessary intermediaries. Thus, a team of specialists from the Legal Consulting Center…

domestic violence

The Legal Consulting Center Law Firm successfully defended the Client’s interests in the case of an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 173-2 of Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses on domestic violence. Many believe that it is impossible to achieve the truth in such processes, that the law does not work and the…

Ministry of Finance claim

The Law Firm «Legal Consulting Center» provides full legal support for the claim against the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on partial appeal of the Procedure for registration in the customs register of intellectual property rights protected in accordance with the law. In our opinion, the order of the Ministry of Finance adopted on 09.06.2020…

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