To support M & A procedures, lawyers with knowledge and experience from various branches of law are required, as well as qualified auditors and accountants specializing in due diligence. Legal Consulting Center Law Firm has such specialists, as well as experience in successful implementation of projects in this area, in particular, related to the sale, acquisition and consolidation of assets, restructuring obligations, structuring transactions and business (legal support for selling a business). to learn more in the article “How to buy a business in Ukraine safely: step by step instructions”

Who are our clients?

Cooperation with us may be interesting for:

  • business entities (both residents – business entities of various legal forms; private enterprises; and non-residents) in the course of their business activities in matters of investment in business expansion in Ukraine through the acquisition and consolidation of business assets of third parties;
  • individuals-investors (residents and non-residents) who plan to sell or purchase a business or commercial assets in Ukraine.

How can we be helpful and what services we deliver?

“Legal Consulting Center” provides the following services:

  1. Advising on legal support for selling a business through mergers and acquisitions in Ukraine

In this regard we provide the following services:

  • providing oral and written advice on the acquisition of business assets (methods, procedures, risks, etc.);
  • providing oral and written advice on corporate restructuring and reorganization;
  • preparation of written legal opinions on the analysis of the proposed schemes of mergers and acquisitions of business entities;
  • preparation of written legal opinions on risk analysis and the consequences of using a particular method of acquiring a business or assets;
  • development of optimal mergers and acquisitions schemes for companies and mechanisms to protect against unfriendly merger.
  1. Participation in negotiations related to the merger and acquisition procedures of companies in Ukraine

In this regard, we provide our customers with the following services:

  • participation in negotiations on mergers and acquisitions at all stages of this procedure;
  • participation in negotiations on support of corporate restructuring and reorganization;
  • participation in negotiations on the development of mechanisms for protection against unfriendly merger.
  1. Conducting legal, accounting, including tax, due diligence of acquired assets

In this regard, we provide our customers with the following services:

  • legal due diligence of corporate entities and their assets in order to confirm their legal “purity” or identify legal defects and determine the legal risks associated with the acquisition;
  • accounting and tax audit of acquired assets (legal entities) on the organization and maintenance of accounting, the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes, the timeliness of filing financial statements and so on.
  1. Structuring transactions to acquire assets

In this regard, we provide our clients with the following services:

  • legal assistance in determining the method of acquiring a business and the content of transactions that will be concluded, the development of a “road map” – a sequence of actions in acquiring, and so on;
  • development of security mechanisms in order to apply the principle of the “payment versus delivery”
  1. Support at all the formalities associated with the mergers and acquisitions procedures in Ukraine

In this regard, we provide our customers with the following services:

  • preparation of documents for mergers and acquisitions (necessary corporate decisions, constituent documents, corporate contracts and others); more about the service “Contractual Practice”
  • support of the procedures for convening and holding appointments or meetings of higher bodies, control bodies and executive bodies of corporate entities;
  • obtaining necessary permits and approvals from government agencies during mergers and acquisitions.

Why us?

For many years,”Legal Consulting Center” has been providing services in this segment. In this regard, our lawyers, accountants and auditors have gained considerable practical experience in solving business problems of clients in the consolidation of business assets. In our person, the client receives a competent and responsible external consultant who is able to quickly and efficiently respond to client requests and propose optimal solutions.