The long-term experience of successful activity of Legal Consulting Center Law Firm in the legal services market and the presence of long-term business relationships with a number of public clients guarantees a high level of services quality provided by our company.

The experience and qualifications of partners and employees of the Legal Consulting Center allow you to successfully and quickly solve tasks that arise every day during the activities of business entities.

Who may be interested in our services?

Our company offers

range of services to support the entry of business structures into the Ukrainian market

which include all stages from the creation of a company on the territory of Ukraine to the actual start of activity.

Organizational issues in the negotiations to establish a business in Ukraine:

  1. Conduct preliminary negotiations and meetings.
  2. Organization of the visit of business representatives to Ukraine.
  3. The direct participation of the Ukrainian lawyer in negotiations and meetings.
  4. Providing a conference room to organize meetings of the foreign investor and the Ukrainian side with the obligatory participation of a lawyer and key specialists in accounting and tax accounting.

Creating a company and its business structure:

  1. State registration of a new enterprise:
    • determination of the name, location, size of the authorized capital, distribution among the founders;
    • state registration of a legal entity;
    • Making of seal.
  2. Determination of corporate structure and business model.
  3. Assistance in the selection of staff, office space.
  4. “Temporary director» service. At the time of the organizational period, an experienced, professional and responsible specialist is provided for the position of director of the company.
  5. Building a model of relationships between project partners. Development of a corporate agreement.
  6. Registration, development and implementation of internal documents necessary for creating and running a business: contracts, agreements and others.

Accounting support and tax planning:

  1. Determining the optimal tax business model.
  2. Tax planning of the company:
    • study of the specifics of taxation of the field of activity;
    • verification and evaluation of existing taxation schemes;
    • elimination of errors in tax accounting and reporting;
    • development of a tax payment model;
    • expert opinions on controversial issues of tax payment;
    • advice on tax optimization of individual business transactions;
    • conducting an audit.
  3. Tax support of the company ⇒more here:
    • consulting support in accounting, tax and financial matters;
    • if necessary, participation in the development of schemes for financial flows (functions of the financial director);
    • monthly accounting validation of processing source documents your accountants (functions of the chief accountant);
    • tax optimization and planning with legal means;
    • drawing up and submission of reports to the tax inspectorate, the Pension Fund, all insurance funds and statistics.
  4. Accounting support activities ⇒more here:
    • organization of accounting of economic and financial activities;
    • formation of accounting policies in accordance with the law;
    • control of compliance with the order of registration of primary and accounting documents;
    • calculation of tax amounts provided for by law;
    • drawing up and submission of reports to tax authorities, extra-budgetary funds, statistics authorities;
    • information and consulting support.
  5. Advising on banking operations:
    • opening and closing accounts and making payments;
    • purchase and sale of foreign currency on behalf of a legal entity;
    • preparation of reports on the status of settlements on a foreign loan.
  6. Representation of interests of the company in fiscal authorities.

Support of the company’s foreign economic activity:

  1. Legal support of foreign trade transactions.
  2. Consultation on customs and tax laws.
  3. Legal support to subjects of foreign economic activity in the pretrial settlement of disputes.
  4. Representing client’s interests when considering foreign trade disputes, including in the CIS countries.
  5. Appeal of decisions of customs authorities on the determination of customs value, classification of goods, violation of customs regulations, acts of cameral inspection, tax notices.
  6. Judicial protection, including the conduct of cases in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and courts of special and general jurisdiction.
  7. Assistance for return of overpaid customs duties.
  8. Challenging the decisions of the State Customs Service to annul the customs broker’s license in administrative and judicial proceedings.
  9. Legal assistance to persons authorized to declare if customs regulations are violate

Registration cost of FLP and legal entity

  1. FLP(individual entrepreneur) registration— from 1000 UAH.
  2. Registration of LLC — from 5000 UAH.
  3. ⇒ Registration of foreign representative offices and subsidiaries