Stable and successful development of a company’s business directly depends on an efficiently built personnel structure and is impossible without competent legal registration of labor and organizational relations. That is why issues related to human resources require special attention and are relevant at any stage of the company’s development.

Effective legal mechanisms regulating the relationship between the company and its employees allow the company to minimize the existing legal risks and ensure the reliability and success of the business.

The services provided by lawyers of practice meet the highest quality standards, while the flexible pricing policy allows us to form pricing solutions that are optimal for our clients.

Compliance policy and general issues of labor relations

  • Development of compliance rules in labor relations, in particular, labor contracts, internal documents of companies regulating labor and organizational relations, as well as finalization and adaptation of international personnel documents (policies, codes of conduct, compliance programs, job descriptions, compliance controllers, etc.) for local application.
  • Preparation of legal opinions on the involvement of the employee to disciplinary action.
  • Development of optimal solutions in case of termination of employment relations with the lowest risk for the client.
  • Consultation on general issues of labor protection (development of local acts in the field of labor protection, accounting of accidents at work, certification of workplaces on working conditions, etc.).
  • Consultation on all issues of job quotas for the disabled, young professionals and other categories of workers.
  • Consulting on issues related to the implementation of work activities in Ukraine by foreign citizens, including tax aspects.
  • Compliance with the procedure for dismissal of employees during liquidation, reduction, reorganization, bankruptcy of an enterprise. ⇒learn more about Enterprise Liquidation
  • Payments for dismissal, liquidation, reorganization, bankruptcy of an enterprise.

Labour disputes

Representing clients in relations with government agencies

  • Representing clients during administrative proceedings carried out during inspections.
  • Assistance in preparation for a possible verification and modeling of behavior in the event of an inspection.

Foreign workers and immigration law

  • Advising on all matters relating to the legalization of foreign workers on the territory of Ukraine (maintenance of the necessary procedures and approvals, including obtaining work permits, including those for highly skilled professionals, permits for hiring).
  • Legal assistance in the selection of the optimal method of choosing employees, including foreign workers.