Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” provides its clients with a wide range of legal services in this segment, in particular:

  • represents the interests of banking institutions (and other creditors) in disputes related to the recovery of debts under loan agreements, including judicial recourse for foreclosure on the subject of mortgage, as well as legal support for extrajudicial methods of foreclosure on mortgage property;
  • develops a legal strategy of behavior (judicial protection line)for the borrowers (individuals and legal entities) that have overdue debts on credit obligations;
  • maintains the procedure for processing the termination of counter homogeneous obligations with banking institutions (if any deposits and/or loans), having the characteristics of stable insolvency;
  • represents the interests of creditor-depositors in relationships with banking institutions and the Individual Deposits Guarantee Fund, including representation of the interests of individual depositors in disputes with FGVFL in connection with the refusal to include such persons in the list of persons entitled to the payment of state-guaranteed amount of the deposit;
  • represents the interests of private clients in disputes in connection with allocation of transactions made by temporary administrator with a banking institution, to the category of insignificant;
  • represents the interests of private clients in the procedures of property foreclosure, property rights under the loan agreements, in the bank liquidation procedure, organized by FGVFL (in particular, provides a legal analysis of the property/property rights, offered for sale, represents the interests in participation in the auction and registration of contracts of purchase-sale ).