Trends in recent years indicate that many entrepreneurs engaged in business prefer not to have “problems with the law.” To achieve such a result can only building business activities in the “framework of the legal field. “Legal Consulting Center” Law Firm provides services for the organization of business that meets the requirements of the law. The same persons who are already conducting activities, our company helps to translate it into a legal “channel” in order to eliminate all violations that can take place in the course of such activities.

Who are our clients?

As a rule, business owners address us with a similar task, which should be brought in line with the requirements of the legislation, or individuals who only plan to start an entrepreneurial activity, but do not know how to structure it properly, for example, due to the complexity of such a business operations, its novelty or atypical operations.

Therefore, often, a business consultant in this practice is required to have knowledge from different branches of law, in particular, civil (economic), corporate, tax, as well as an understanding of the basics of currency, customs or foreign economic regulation, financial services market, securities circulation or principles of functioning of joint investment institutions.

How can we be useful and what services we deliver?

In this practice, as a rule, all the tasks of clients are covered by three blocks of services that “Legal Consulting Center” law firm can provide, namely:

  1. Organization of corporate business structure.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

    • which corporate form of business organization is better to choose (non-resident, non-resident representative office, business entity, individual entrepreneurship or a combination of these forms, perhaps the use of a joint investment institution or a financial company); ⇒more about the service Registration of legal entities
    • how to register a business (support of all registration procedures and registration in all mandatory authorities); 
    • how to formalize the relationship between business owners (for example, enter into a corporate agreement).
  1. Tax and financial planning activities.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

    • what system of taxation to choose (payer of income tax on general grounds, simplified taxation system, VAT, personal income tax, military tax and ERUs); ⇒learn more about Tax
    • what corporate structure to choose, and how to structure all business transactions to properly optimize the tax burden when doing business; ⇒learn more about deal structuring and M&A
    • how to make a financial business model (development of business plans).
  1. Legalization of business – the legal support of economic activity.

    In this regard, we provide our clients with advice on the following issues:

    • how to structure all business transactions in the conduct of business (development of a legal scheme of work, movement of goods, services from the supplier to the buyer and his documentary, including contractual security);
    • how to structure all financial flows correctly in order to meet the optimal tax burden and at the same time ensure the correct documentation of all business transactions;
    • if the business is connected with objects of intellectual property, then how to formalize contractual relations with software developers (computer programs, web sites and other objects of intellectual property); ⇒more about the service IT-lawyer
    • how to register property rights to intellectual property rights created on request; ⇒more about Trademark registration and copyright protection
    • if the basis of business is the sale of goods or services via the Internet, then how to legally formalize such a sale of goods or services through a website (development of work rules, public contracts or public offers to websites); ⇒more about Support for Internet business
    • how to legally ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal data of users of the website (development of provisions on confidentiality and protection of personal data on websites).

Why us?

For many years, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm has been providing services to companies specializing in this sphere. In this regard, our lawyers have gained considerable practical experience in solving non-standard business issues. From us the client receives a competent and responsible external consultant who knows the specifics of the client’s tasks and who can quickly and efficiently respond to client requests and offer creative solutions.