For many years, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm has been providing support services to clients participating in tender purchases for public funds.

Who are our clients?

Business entities participating in tender procedures conducted in accordance with special legislation.

How can we be useful and what services we deliver?

In this practice, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm provides the following services:

1) providing advice on the procurement procedure, determining qualification criteria for bidders, challenging the results of tenders and establishing discriminatory requirements in the tender documentation, filing complaints with the AMCU;

2) evaluation of tender documentation for discriminatory conditions that prevent the client from participating in the tender procedure;

3) contractual support of tender procurement:

  • preparation of documentation, which is provided by the winner of the auction;
  • legal analysis of draft contracts, preparation of protocols for reconciliation of disputes;
  • support of registration and signing of contracts;
  • preparation of reasoned objections to the content of draft contracts and their coordination with customers.

4) obtaining necessary references and extracts for participation in tender procedures:

  • Information certificate from EGRPOU about the absence of open proceedings in a bankruptcy case;
  • Information certificate on the presence / absence of criminal record among the representatives of the participant;
  • an information certificate from the Unified State Register of Persons who committed corruption offenses;

5) legal support of the procedure for appealing the decision of the customer regarding the determination of the winner (includes analyzing the legality of the customer’s decisions regarding the winner; protecting the interests of the customer if another bidder appeals his victory in the auction);

6) the appeal of the customer’s actions and the results of the procurement:

  • preparation of requirements for the customer (for example, on amendments to the tender documentation);
  • preparation of a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on actions / inaction of the customer, tender documentation (which contains discriminatory conditions);
  • preparation of other requirements and claims related to the procurement procedure;
  • judicial appeal of the results of public procurement;

7) Representation of interests at a meeting of the AMCU complaints committee.

Why us?

For many years, “Legal Consulting Center “aw firm has been providing services to clients participating in tender procurement for public funds. In this regard, our lawyers have gained considerable practical experience in this area. In our person, the client receives a competent and responsible external consultant who knows the specifics of the client’s tasks and who can solve them quickly and efficiently.