Since its inception, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm provides legal services in this practice. Our lawyers have extensive experience in solving problems in this area, both related to the maintenance of construction and the development of mechanisms for raising funds, and directly with real estate investing by private investors.

Who are our clients?

Our company uses both corporate clients engaged in the construction or development business, as well as private investors who plan to acquire residential or commercial real estate.

How can we be useful and what services we deliver?

“Legal Consulting Center” offers the following services to private clients in the field of real estate investment: ⇒learn more about in the article “Buying property in Ukraine: a step-by-step instruction for a non-resident”

1) advise our clients on how to sell housing under construction in the market, pointing out the “pros and cons”, provide recommendations on the reliability of real estate acquisition and the security of an investment depending on the purchase mechanism;

2) advise on the rules for the purchase of investment housing and the existing risks of investors in acquiring housing under construction, depending on the method of purchase;

3) make a legal analysis (assessment, examination) of construction objects for the legality of construction (proper registration and use of a land plot, availability of permits for a construction object, no litigation, established burdens (prohibitions on alienation, arrests) on a construction object and investment object, other legal obstacles to investing (acquiring a real estate object), in particular, bankruptcy proceedings initiated (including  moratorium establishment on satisfaction of creditors’ claims) or criminal cases related to the developer);

4) accompany the procedure for concluding an agreement on investing in real estate (purchasing housing), in particular, we analyze draft contracts proposed by developers (for example, agreements on participation in the construction financing fund, investment contracts, preliminary contracts, property purchase and sale contracts bonds, contracts of purchase and sale of derivatives, agreements on participation in a cooperative, agreements on the replacement of a party in an obligation (assignment of rights of claim) and others), we express our opinion of the correctness and reasonableness of the terms of such contracts, legal risk of the investor, preparing proposals for amendments to such agreements, taking part in negotiations with developers when discussing the terms of such contracts and their signing;

5) accompany the procedures for resolving conflicts between private investors and developers, as well as legal disputes related to the violation by developers of their obligations to private investors under real estate investment contracts (housing purchases);

6) we also accompany the verification of sellers and real estate and the conclusion of transactions of sale and purchase of real estate in the secondary market.

“Legal Consulting Center” offers the following services to corporate clients in the field of development, real estate and construction:

1) advise our clients on land issues related to the possibility of using land for the construction of real estate objects, the procedure for obtaining (registering) land development rights, and the procedure for changing the purpose for construction;

2) advise our clients on procedural issues related to construction, obtaining permits and approvals of competent authorities in the field of construction (city authorities, improvement and architecture authorities, monuments protection, state architectural and construction inspection, etc.);

3) draw up civil law contracts, including, but not exclusively: land lease contracts, contracts on the transfer of functions of the customer of construction, superficies contracts, contracts for the development of building concepts, contracts for the preparation of project documentation, contracts for general contractors and contracts to perform certain types of work, contract of author and technical supervision, and others;

4) advise our clients on the methods of selling housing under construction used on the market, pointing out the “pros and cons”, tax implications, peculiarities of legal relations and essential conditions that should be reflected in the relevant agreements;

5) we develop legal mechanisms for attracting (investing) funds into construction on the basis of the conditions set by the clients, as well as draft contracts and other documents necessary for the implementation of the proposed mechanisms;

6) we also offer services of outsourcing accounting support еo developers using the cooperative form of organization in construction;

7) accompany litigation on tax issues related to the specifics of the construction business, and disputes with investors.

Why us?

“Legal Consulting Center” thoroughly knows all the problems of this area. Therefore, regardless of whether a corporate or private client asked for help, and also regardless of the specifics of the task itself, the goal of our company in this service segment is to provide clients with reasonable confidence that their actions are performed within the law and in the event of conflicts (disputes ) that their legal position will be justified and fully consistent with applicable law, and they will be able to protect their interests and property rights in court.