For many years, “Legal Consulting Center” law firm has been working in the market of legal services related to the professional support of architectural bureaus, design studios, private architects, designers, artists.

Who are our clients?

Legal Consulting Center” cooperates with such clients as:

  • development companies that are responsible for the development of concepts for the construction of various objects;
  • architectural offices that need legal support for complex projects;
  • design studios and private designers, including beginners, who need to build their own legal database of correct documents to work with their customers.

How can we be useful and what services we provide?

In this area, “Legal Consulting Center” can quickly help in resolving the following tasks, in particular:

  1. Provision of services to support the procedure for concluding various contracts for the development of a design or concept, contracts for the preparation of project documentation, general contract and designer supervision contracts (including drafting such contracts, participating in negotiations and agreeing by the parties on all essential terms of such contracts). ⇒more about the service Contractual practice
  2. Help young designers and design studios to legally formalize their business (for example, to register as an individual entrepreneur, self-employed person, or as a more complex organizational and legal form of legal entities) and determine the tax system (general or simplified). ⇒more about tje service Registration of legal entities
  3. Provision of services related to the registration of trademarks under which the designer or design studio is planning to work. ⇒more about Trademark registration and copyrights protection
  4. Development of standard legal documents with which the designer or design studio will work with its customers (draft contracts for the development of design projects with all applications, terms of reference, work schedule and others, acts of completed works, draft contracts for the provision of author supervision and acts of services rendered).
  5. Representation of the interests of designers or design studios in negotiations with customers, to discuss the specific terms of contracts for the development of design projects or contracts for the provision of supervision services, we coordinate and make changes to such contracts based on the specifics of agreements between designers or design studios and their customers in within real projects.

Why cooperate with us?

For many years, “Legal Consulting Center” provides services to companies specializing in the execution of works in the field of design and architecture. In this regard, our lawyers have gained considerable practical experience in this area. The client receives fro us a competent and responsible external consultant who knows the specifics of the client’s tasks and who can solve them quickly and efficiently.