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At the beginning of March 2017, Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” received a request to conduct due diligence of the working fisheriy for the subsequent acquisition of the enterprise by a foreign investor.

The main purpose of a set of measures for the due diligence is to establish the possible shortcomings of the purchased object – of the legal, financial, administrative or organizational nature.

According to the results of the consultation was drawn up a memorandum of cooperation in the framework of which, the Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” will conduct a comprehensive analytical assessment of the activities of the acquired business, as well as provision of the investorwith the necessary consultations on legal, economic, tax and accounting issues.

The decisive factor in the selection of the LF “Legal Consulting Center” as a legal adviser is a comprehensive approach to resolving all customer issues regarding the acquisition of an operating business in Ukraine.

Project advisors were managing partners Andrei Olefirenko and Artur Nonko, legal advice was provided by a senior lawyer Roman Kravchenko, as well as an accounting specialist Julia Padalka.

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