Cooperation with software developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is the leader in the market of IT outsourcing services in Eastern Ukraine.

This pleasant for us information  was published by IT Outsourcing News portal.

This is the reason why a lot of international companies are thinking about cooperation with Ukrainian developers.

But at the same time there is a need to protect yourself from possible risks.

Many IT-companies are considering, but are hesitant to hire Ukrainian developers. This is due to several reasons.

1. The presence of a language barrier, because the perception of the tasks set directly affects the result and reputation of the company.

2. Difficulties in choosing the form of cooperation. They are also a few:

– invite the developer to the country where the IT company itself is located, 

– open a representative office,

– or work with a «remote” programmer and conclude a direct contract with him.

3.Another issue is business planning.

4. Then, the legal nuances of cooperation with the developer, in accordance with the laws

5. Another point is the lack of knowledge about the nuances of taxation in Ukraine.

6. An important issue also in the protection of copyright on software made by the developer.

Serious list, isn’t it?

However, there is nothing difficult for us. In recent years, we have helped to solve all these issues for many national and international companies such as Live Education, LanTec and others.


Every previously mentioned issue faced by a company wishing to develop an IT business and work with Ukrainian developers requires special attention and detailed consideration. Therefore, in the next video we will discuss the pros and cons of various forms of cooperation with IT specialists and their legal regulation.

Be vigilant and trust the professionals!


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