Registration of a subsidiary company with a foreign capital in Ukraine

One of the ways for a foreign company to carry out activities, including entrepreneurial ones, is to open a subsidiary.

Subsidiaries are intended to expand the business of companies that have many customers in certain countries, as well as to supply products without unnecessary intermediaries.

Thus, a team of specialists from the Legal Consulting Center Law Firm helped to prepare all the necessary documents and provided support at all stages of registration of a subsidiary of the Austrian holding Agrovo, which specializes in the supply of equipment and technologies for poultry factories and meat processing plants, and since 1997 has been an exclusive representative of the world’s largest manufacturer of equipment for sorting and packing eggs and the undisputed industry leader – the Dutch concern FPS Moba in the CIS countries.

The Legal Consulting Center Law Firm helps businesses to go through all the steps of registering any enterprise – from choosing the right KVED, developing constituent documents and determining the form of taxation, to conducting state registration, making a seal, digital signature keys and opening bank accounts.

The project was led by a senior partner, Ph.D. Andrey Olefirenko, consultations on taxation issues were provided by auditor Yulia Pilipets, senior lawyer Andrey Kravchenko and lawyer Sergey Androsyuk were involved in direct paperwork and registration process

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