Registration of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine
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One of the ways a foreign company conducts business in Ukraine is to open a representative office.

Representative offices are creating to expand the business of companies that are developing and which have many customers in certain countries, as well as to supply products without unnecessary intermediaries, without registering new companies in other countries.

When planning to register a representative office in Ukraine, the management of a foreign company should ask what types of activities we are licensed with. If the planned activity of the company is not subject to licensing, the opening of its representative office will be the best way to enter the Ukrainian market to present its products. The advantage of this method is that the representative office will be completely controlled by the parent company. For the employment of foreign citizens, you will not need to obtain a special permit, because they will be able to work on the basis of official cards and an employment contract concluded with the parent company.

Thus, the team of specialists of the Law Firm Legal Consulting Center helped to prepare all the necessary documents and provided support at all stages of registering a representative office of a full-cycle winery owned by the Georgian Alco Group holding.

The company’s motto is “Reviving the past in the present!”. 127 hectares of one of the vineyards stretch along the banks of the Kisiskhevi River – a tributary of the Alazani River, in the wine-growing region of Georgia, Kakheti – in the Alazani Valley. The sun of this fertile land pours and fills bunches of grape varieties such as Saperavi, Usahelauri, Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane with fragrant juice. The owners emphasize that the finest tastes of the best grape varieties are harmoniously combined and stored on modern European equipment by experienced winemakers who accurately reproduce the ancient technological wine production cycle, which Georgian wines are famous for.

The Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” helps the business to go through all the steps of registering any enterprise – from choosing the right KVED, developing constituent documents and determining the form of taxation, to conducting state registration, making a seal, digital signature keys and opening bank accounts.

The opening of the representative office was led by Zolkin Vladislav Alexandrovich.

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