Согласование договора авторского надзора.

The Client:

YOD Studio of Commercial Design is a design studio which is engaged in development of design in the field of commercial interiors.

The crux of the matter:

The client applied to the LF “Legal Consulting Center” with the purpose to arrange the architectural supervision with his customer in a correct and legally competent way. Architectural supervision is a complex service that includes, first of all, the control of the builders work by the authors (designers) in order to achieve compliance of the performed works with the approved design project. There were expressed the following important aspects of cooperation with the customer: regular visits to the site by a supervisor, checking the conformity of the works to the design project, adjusting and changing the documentation, consulting for builders, maintaining the architectural supervision journal, taking operative measures to eliminate irregularities from the working documents and responsibility of the parties. The author has the full right to oblige builders to correct their shortcomings, if they arise because of a project inconsistency and repair work.

The result:

During the negotiations with the Client, the main provisions and terms of providing their services to the customer were singled out, an architectural supervision contract for the implementation of the design project, the forms of requirements specification, work acceptance certificate and changes to the design project were drawn up. The customer was satisfied with the quality of the service. The consultation was carried out by the managing partner of LF “Legal Consulting Center” Andrey Olefirenko.

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