консультация иностранца по вопросу регистрации компании.

The Client: non-resident, representative of a Chinese company that specializes in the production and sale of equipment for oil and gas production.

The crux of the matter:

The client-representative of the Chinese company applied to the law firm “Legal Consulting Center” on the issue of opening a subsidiary in Ukraine. For a competent and informative consultation, the lawyer of our firm asked the client to explain the vector of their company’s activities, what reason they need to start a company in Ukraine for and what kind of activities they want to implement here. Having started directly to the consultation, first of all the representative of our firm indicated the optimal organizational and legal form of the legal entity for conducting economic activities, told the stage-by-stage procedure and the terms of registration of the company, named the necessary list of documents for the registration of the enterprise.

The client was very interested in the issue of alien`s legal stay and work in Ukraine. Accordingly, the lawyer provided comprehensive information on the stay and work of foreigners in Ukraine, as well as obtaining work permits for non-residents, the registration number of the tax payer card for a non-resident and the importance to open an investment account in Ukraine.

Information on taxation and payment of dividends were the issues of special importance.

The consultation was hold by Vladislav Zolkin, LF “LLC” lawyer.

The result: the consultation fully satisfied the client’s requests.

Learn more about service “Support of economic activities” https://cpk.ua/en/support-of-economic-activities/


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