Complex support of IT projects

If such terms as “backup”, “feedback” and “gamedev” seem familiar to you or are used in your daily vocabulary, then you probably at least once thought about the legal security of your IT products. However, legal support of IT projects can be interesting not only to direct developers of different software types, but also to:

– Founders and managers of start-up projects;

– Ukrainian and international IT software development companies;

– IT freelancers;

– Employees of IT companies.

Why us:

1. We know what is what but they don’t know what is what

We know what blockchain is, we recognize the difference between windows and linux, outstaffing and outsourcing, and sometimes we also need a “support”. Our company understands all the risks that can await you on the way to creating various IT products, and we will help to avoid lots of problems.

2. Legal and accounting support of IT projects from scratch

You have an idea, you know how to write a code, you have a good team, but you do not know how to properly formalize your project – welcome. Registration of documents, payment of taxes, accounting – we will take care of all this business. Together we will develop a financial plan and even help with the search for investors. And after your project is successful and profitable, our company will protect you against unscrupulous competitors and intrusive monitoring bodies. With us you can concentrate on the project and not be distracted by officials and bureaucracy.

3. Registration, registration and registration

Do you have a finished product and you want to protect your rights to it? Our company will register intellectual property rights for the software, and also develop licensing agreements personally for you, so that you can safely sell your product.

4. What a terrible word – outsourcing

It’s not new that Ukrainian developers are in demand on the global IT market. Many foreign companies are looking for IT developers in Ukraine for their products. Our company can handle all the formalities between foreign investors and developers. We will properly formalize intellectual property rights and provide legal security for the continued use of the product.

5. We save your time and energy in intellectual property disputes

Unfortunately, the thefts occur not only in movies and computer games, so if someone stole your software or unreasonably tries to accuse you of plagiarism – contact us – we can ensure your safety and release you from unnecessary worries. You do not need to take direct part in conflicts, understand the legal niceties of the issue and attend courts. With us everything will be easier – you set a task, and we do it.

Key principles of our work:

1. Confidentiality

Every relationship with us begins with a non-disclosure agreement. Coming to our office, you can calmly tell us all the details and not afraid that someone will find out about it.

2. Timeliness

At the initial stage, we will develop a schedule, according to which we will proceed. For each stage we will present you a work completion report.

3. Complexity

We provide a full range of services in the field of accounting and legal support. Moreover, you will not be left alone with unfamiliar questions, because our specialists will introduce you into the course of the matter and explain all possible solutions to the problem.

4. Individual approach

Each situation is individual. In the world of jurisprudence, as in the IT world, there are not many templates. We will be able to find an individual and most effective approach to your problem.

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