Legal Consulting Center offers accounting services to its clients (accounting outsourcing or remote accounting), which is distinguished by reliability and full responsibility on our part.

For more than ten years, we have been successfully accompanying the business, gaining the trust of our customers thanks to the professionalism and coherence of our team.

Accounting support has a number of advantages, among which there are several particularly significant:

  • instead of one full-time accountant you get a team of professionals who are knowledgeable in all areas of law;
  • we are always ready to immediately provide you with legal support and continuously support your business;
  • accounting outsourcing includes a wide range of services that a staff accountant simply cannot cover himself.

Mostly, clients are looking for support in the context of tax legislation, accounting and financial planning, and always receive prompt and high-quality advice with a successful solution of their tasks.

Service of complex accounting and legal support implies:

  • competent counseling (oral and written);
  • preparation of internal documents of the enterprise;
  • support of negotiations with counterparties at the conclusion of transactions; more about Contractual Practice service
  • preparation of draft contracts;
  • tax advice; more here
  • accounting;
  • preparation of financial and statistical reporting;
  • support of tax audits;
  • appeal of fines and sanctions;
  • protecting the interests of the client in the tax authorities;
  • legal support; learn more
  • accounting support;
  • representation of the client’s interests in the courts. learn more about Representation in courts service

Why choose us?

Enterprises do not always manage to get an experienced accountant and a high-class lawyer into the staff, but our clients have nothing to worry about, since they have already received such specialists.

Lawyers and accountants of the Legal Consulting Center have repeatedly accompanied a variety of business processes, so we have long developed and established a mechanism for resolving business issues.

Clients noted the professionalism and reliability of the Legal Consulting Center. Cooperating with us, you will always be confident in the successful settlement of any issues in the field of economic and tax law, as well as accounting!

Terms and cost of services may vary depending on the volume of business activities.