Who are our clients?

To organize legal work and get legal support, we are asked for help both by private entrepreneurs and legal entities working in the field of beauty and health: beauty salons, SPA-salons, designers, owners of salons for the provision of Thai massage services and others. ⇒more about service Legalization of business

How can we be useful and what services do we provide?

We can accomplish different tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • conduct state registration of legal entities and sole traders; ⇒more here
  • advise on the choice of the optimal taxation system; ⇒more about Tax
  • prepare a financial plan according to which it will be possible to plan future incomes and expenses, to predict the payback period of the project; ⇒more in video
  • provide comprehensive legal services and accounting; ⇒more here
  • prepare any business contracts; ⇒more here
  • negotiate with counterparties;
  • provide advice from relevant experts on the application of legislation;
  • help with the importation into Ukraine and further registration of special equipment;
  • receive permits from Sanitary and epidemiological service, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies and other oversight authorities;
  • receive permit for the placement of outdoor advertising.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

We set ourselves the task not only to provide you with legal services, but mainly to save you from problems and prevent the possibility of their occurrence, because your success is our success!

Law firm “Legal Consulting Center” has a tremendous experience in the legal services market and easily solves the most difficult problems. We will accompany your business from the moment of its opening and during its entire economic activity, providing not only legal support, but also accounting services.

We are advisers of many companies and provide a comprehensive range of services – starting with legal and ending with tax. Our main advantage is that due to many years of practice, we are able to respond quickly to changes in legislation, we are always aware of the most diverse issues of economic activity and can provide you with services at the highest level.

We understand the needs of our customers and always try to build warm partnerships that will guarantee long-term cooperation!